Privacy settings are useful tools for channel/content creators. Guidance on how to use them are below:

Public: This is the setting 99% of uploaders use all the time. This is instant uploading and publishes immediately.

Inactive: This option is used occasionally for when users do not want to delete the upload, but they also don’t want people to see it either. They may choose to publish it at just the right time. Private videos will not display anywhere on the site and external links to them will be broken. These videos will not be published on OurTube.

Unlisted: This is self explanatory. The video is simply not listed on the site, but it can be viewed by external links or embeds. This feature is useful if you own your own platform or website and upload movies to OurTube and copy the embed code to your site, because you cannot host video but you do not want the videos publishing on OurTube, for whatever reason.