You will see a 'Video camera' button in the top navbar allowing you access to upload functions.

Direct Upload

The 'Direct Upload' of an MP4 file does not guarantee that you are using a codec compatible with the current browsers and you will only have the resolution and audio sent from the file. The file remains in its native format and OurTube does not process it in any way. It is very common to see directly uploaded files fail on some devices like mobile or in some browsers. Especially if the user downloaded the file elsewhere and knows nothing about how it was encoded. For instance video may play and audio may not, or vice versa. There are lots of encoded videos on the internet that may play on your hardware but may not on other peoples. Please bare this in mind when uploading. We expect channel owners to have basic knowledge of video resolutions and how videos are encoded if you are going to use this function. Our encoders guarantee your file will play on any machine and any hardware, worldwide.

For more information on the basics of video encoding/transcoding click here

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