We have standards for uploading to maintain boundaries, to prevent abuse of the system:

1. Please do not spam the site with uploads, this means excessive uploads all at once from one account. Continuous uploads means flooding the system with just your uploads and is not fair use with other content creators and channel owners. Please be conciderate to other uploaders. OurTube has always had a hard stance on spam and we will suspend a users channel for 7 days if you constantly spam the uploads section. We do have a good understanding of what we concider a reasonable amount of uploads in any given time frame.

2. Please do not upload extremely graphic videos of people being killed ect. We do not have an audience for that and also minors could stumble across the site and their have been no rating/warnings on such videos. It is not cool to watch other peoples demise especially during these difficult times.

3. Uploading copyright material may result in a DMCA strike against us and will result in an immediate suspension of your account if copyright material is uploaded to OurTube.

4. Please choose the correct category when uploading. This not only helps with your video being found in our search engine but also keeps the site tidy and organised.

OurTube is not a platform intended to intentionally cause direct harm, distress, or harassment to individuals.

For how to upload click here: https://ourtube.co.uk/menu/how_to_upload